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Velle Cares Foundation

About the
Velle Cares Foundation

The mission of the Velle Cares Foundation is to serve and assist community-based organizations that promote health, education, and life skills for children and families in at-risk situations.

Velle Cares Programs and Events

Back to School Community Day
Each year, Coach Levelle Moton hosts his annual Back to School Community Day event along with NBA star PJ Tucker at the Raleigh Boys and Girls Club. This event serves over 700 kids and families each year by providing them book bags, school supplies, give-aways, and entertainment.

Single Mothers Salute
The Velle Cares Foundation honors and celebrates over 100 single mothers across the Triangle community at its annual event “Single Mother’s Salute.” The event was created to show appreciation for the struggles, challenges, and difficulties associated with being a single mother. Being the product of a single mother himself, Coach Moton presents awards of courage, strength, perseverance, and a special Single Mother of the Year award, named in honor of his mother Hattie McDougald.

The Connect
Coach Moton’s new TV show “The Connect” provides a platform for teenagers to express their beliefs in a judgement-free zone. The Connect hopes to touch on sex education and racial relations among other things throughout the show. Episode one took place at Enloe High School focusing on hip hop.

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