What is the #TakeYourBestShotChallenge?

To celebrate March Madness and raise important funds to support nonprofits in the Triangle, three local nonprofits – the Emily K Center, the SECU Family House, and the Velle Cares Foundation –  are participating in and promoting the Take Your Best Shot challenge, sponsored by the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. Each nonprofit is encouraging their supporters and the broader community to support their organization while “competing” against the other nonprofits to raise money and awareness for our work in the community.

We encourage everyone to participate in this fun challenge by filming your best trick basketball shot (or any other kind of “shot”), posting it on social media using #TakeYourBestShot, and making a gift to the organization of your choice.

Do I have to donate if I share a video?

Donating to the nonprofit of your choice helps support the essential work they are doing and truly makes a difference in the lives of the families they serve! However, you can accept the challenge and be a part of the campaign in a variety of ways. By uploading your own video and challenging your friends to participate, you will be part of our exciting campaign and can encourage others to donate and spread awareness about the important work of nonprofits in the Triangle.

Do I have to be tagged in order to participate?

No! If you haven’t been tagged, you are welcome to create and tag your own starting lineup, and share your video anytime. Just remember to use the hashtag #takeyourbestshot when sharing your video.

What if I can’t find a basketball hoop for the video?

Can you make a shot into the trash can? How about that shot from across the room into your coffee mug? Show us your best shot and feel free to be creative!

What if I don’t want to upload a video?

If you’d rather not post your own video, we encourage you to donate to the nonprofit organization of your choosing in support of the campaign and also share posts from the nonprofit organization’s social media channels to help spread the word.

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